I love those photoshoots when you work with amazingly talented and creative people who as a bonus share the same vision and aesthetic as you do. In such cases you don´t need much planning to get the exact thing you want.


Big thanks to the awesome team:
Model: Kateřina Š @ Incoming Talents
MUA and Hair Artist: Kateřina Holcknechtová

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Hard work on the scene


You Can Touch the Stars

I never though that some short video can inspire me so much that I create whole serie of images based on the video. I´ve already take photos of models with their skin painted on black, white and gold. After the third photoshoot I was convinced that it was the last set of images and I won´t be shooting anything similar. But…

But then I saw some DIY project involving glitters. I decided to buy some to be able to follow the DIY tutorial. But that never happened because the glitters inspired me to do another photoshoot. I remember it very clearly. It was Sunday afternoon and I was bit bored. So I opened up a box with all my creative stuff (gloves, feathers, face paint…) and thought about what should I do. The moment I saw black paint and glitters lying together I knew exactly what I shoot during the week.


First I tried the whole combo on myself to see how glitters reacts on different lightsources.



I immediately fell in love with the blurred effect caused by shallow depth of field. By the end of the day I had the model and we were ready to shoot in next couple of days.


On the photo below you can see my great model Kateřina applying black paint on her skin. I always feel guilty for models when shooting this kind of photos because it´s quite challenging to wash down all the paint after the photoshoot.



I can´t wait to the moment when all images from this serie will be ready for some exhibition. I can see these photos printed on big black fabric hanging from the ceiling while some futuristic music is plaing.

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